Julian Riegler

Front-End Web Developer with a passion for creating. I can take your cool ideas and breathe life into them.

Glorious Portfolio Examples

Ur Harmony Website

Ur Harmony

This website was for a client who had started a new business and needed to begin establishing their online presence. I worked with them in getting the website live within a few short weeks. While going through plenty of updates and new designs, her website has helped the business grow and continue to go strong.

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Vue Stock Trader Website

Vue Stock Trader

This web app using Vue and firebase, is a demo of stock trading and focuses on the functionality aspect. Though leaving out a lot of the complexities of a real life stock trader app, it still allows for a cool simulated experience of building a lucrative stock portfolio and going through the ups and downs of the day-to-day stock market. Unlike real life though you can save and reload as much as you please. Now, If only the money could somehow be accessed..

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Clear View Escape Website

Clear View Escape

When you like to travel, finding new destinations to explore can be hard. This website serves as a cool interactive landing page for finding random places to go. This might not be a real business but hey you'd sure think so with such an awesome website.

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Favorite Movies Website

Favorite Movies

Just writing down a list of favorite movies can be boring. It's a lot more exciting when you can see a visual example by creating a collection of movies and even being able to rate them. This website gives you the chance to be the movie critic of great esteem you always wanted to be, or at least you can pretend that's the case.

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About Julian Riegler | JR Web Creations

About Me

Hi, my name is Julian Riegler and I am a Front-End Web Developer living in Wisconsin. Originally born in Austria, I moved to the United States with my mother at the age of 7.

Web Development and Design is where my passion lies. I first discovered my love for it as 17 year old in high school and decided to pursue a career as a Web Developer. 2013 was when I graduated with a degree in Web Development and Design. Shortly after, I landed my first job in the IT field and have been working as a Professional Web Developer ever since.

Forget about the above for now though, what you care most about is, what can I bring to the table? If you haven't looked at My Projects yet, do yourself a favor and check them out. You can browse My Github as well for a close up look at the code (in case anyone wants to get their nerd on).

Concerning where my expertise in Web Development lies, I'm mainly focused on the Front-End skills of HTML, CSS + Sass, and JavaScript though I also dabble with some Back-End skills such as Node, MongoDB, and even PHP. Including JavaScript libraries/frameworks and build tools I'm also experienced with jQuery, Axios, Vue, Express, Gulp, Babel, ESLint, and Webpack to name a few.

Have I peaked your interest? Shoot Me a Message and lets go from there!

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